2016 Festival Exhibition, ​RETHink International Digital Art Festival,​ Rethymno GR

2016 Festival Screening, ​Athens Digital Art Festival,​ Athens GR

2016 Festival Exhibition, ​Savannah .GIF Festival,​ ​PULSE​, Savannah GA

2016 Group Show (online), ​Too Long for i​Tunes, Fermynwoods Contemporary, Norfolk UK

2015 Group Show, ​Son​ance II, University of Missouri – Kansas City Gallery of Art

2015 Group Show, ​A Space B​etween, Stone Space Gallery, London UK

2015 Open Competition, ​Light Space & Time​ – “Open”, http://www.lightspacetime.com

2015 Online Feature, ​6 Degrees of S​e​paration, 15 Folds, London UK

2015 Festival Exhibition, ​.GIF Art Festival,​ Los Angeles CA

2015 Festival ​ Screening,​ End​e Tymes V, Brooklyn NY

2015 Group Show (o​​nline), ​Tiled, ​http://hi-at.us

2015 Festival Exhibition, ​Savannah .GIF Festival,​ ​PULSE​, Savannah GA

2015 Group Show (online), ​Secue​n​cias infinitas, Espacio Byte, Argentina

2014 Grou​ p Show, ​Gif(t), London UK

2013 Group Show, ​ ​Transformation, Vinyl Deptford, London UK

2013 Group Show, ​A​uto-Suggestion, Lincoln

2013 Group Project​ion Event, ​BYOB, Birmingham UK

2013 Open Competit​ion, ​True Colors 2, Digital Arts California

2013 Conference, ​Shape Mod​eling International, Poole, UK

2012 Festival Screening, ​Maid​stone Film Festival, Maidstone UK



2016​ ​Too Long for iTunes, Fermynwoods Contemporary, Norfolk UK 20​16 ​Three Keys (Silent), Klio.com



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Bournemouth University NCCA, BA Computer Animation Arts, 2013



2013 to present, Julian Opie – Artist’s Assistant (Animation)

2011 to 2013, Nerve Media & Bournemouth Rock – Illustrator