Sam Alexander Mattacott

(b. 1991 – London)

I use 3D software as a tool for formalist abstraction. My work currently focuses on the reconfiguration of objects through their construction histories. When making an object in virtual space every action is recorded as a mathematical function, allowing for parameters to be changed after they are first applied. In theory this sounds extremely useful but in practice it often isn’t. Each function is applied on top of the previous, like a chain of sequential events. Changing an earlier state in the sequence causes later operations to become distorted. This peculiarity has become the focus of my practice.


2018 Threads micro-residency, Dover, UK
2018 VOS #9, Virtual Open Space
2017 The Wrong Biennale,
2016 RETHink, Rethymno GR
2016 Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens GR
2016 Savannah .GIf Festival, PULSE, Savannah GA
2016 Too Long for iTunes, Fermynwoods, Norfolk UK
2015 Sonance II, University of Missouri – Kansas City
2015 A Space Between, Stone Space, London UK
2015 6 Degrees of Separation, 15 Folds, London UK
2015 .GIF Art Festival, Los Angeles CA
2015 Ende Tymes V, Brooklyn NY
2015 Tiled,
2015 Savannah .GIf Festival, PULSE, Savannah GA
2015 Secuencias infinitas, Espacio Byte, Argentina
2013 Transformation, Vinyl Deptford, London UK
2013 Auto-Suggestion, Lincoln
2013 BYOB Birmingham, UK
2013 Shape Modeling International, Poole, UK